Play Cockfighting Online on Trusted Sites – Watching cockfights and betting real money on chicken fights is certainly very difficult for you to do in Indonesia because these activities have been banned and there are penalties for those who break them.

But now with technological advances you can see cockfighting matches and place cockfighting bets provided by cockfighting dealers online.

By playing cockfighting online you can play safely without worrying about raids or money being taken away by the dealer. Because the site you are using is a trusted cockfighting dealer, namely S128 and SV388.

Compared to the original chicken gambling game. This type of play is more profitable. Where you can bet with a minimum bet. So there is no need to spend deeply. You can bet on one of the competing chickens. Besides that, there will also be odds that will be used as a benchmark for calculating your wins and losses. Coupled with the payment directly and in full. As well as the attractive bonuses of this game, of course the benefits you can get are very tempting.

Preparation for Online Cockfighting:

  • You have to find a trusted online bookie / agent who collaborates and provides account opening services on the S128 site.
  • Register yourself at the dealer by filling out the registration form. Fill in the correct data according to your KTP, don’t forget to choose the type of cockfighting game online.
  • Prepare a bank account (Mandiri, BNI, BCA, or BRI) to be registered on the agent’s website so that you can deposit / withdraw.
  • After successfully registering, you will receive a username and password to log in to Log in first to ensure that the account provided has been registered and can be played.
  • Make your initial deposit. Once the deposit is received, the balance on the account will increase according to what was deposited and means you are ready to place bets on your first match.

Online Cockfighting Payment Methods:

  • Meron: install Rp. 100,000-. If the meron wins, you will get a prize of IDR 75,000 + capital for a total of IDR 175,000. But if the meron loses, then your loss is IDR 100,000
  • Wala: install IDR 100,000. If Wala wins, you will get a prize of IDR 100,000 + capital so a total of IDR 200,000. But if Wala loses, then your loss is IDR 91,000
  • BDD: install IDR 100,000, – if the BDD results then you will be paid as much as 8 x IDR 1000,000. So a total of IDR 800,000
  • FTD: install IDR 100,000, – If the FTF results then you will be paid 88 x IDR 100,000. So a total of IDR 8,800,000
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